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You’re in! From here, you can find all the information about our site, packages and advertising. Our packages and pricing can be found in the table below. And be sure to check out the Author Resources page, which is full of helpful articles on how to make the most of your promotions here on Free Book Friday and beyond.

We are now accepting eBooks for our Reservation, Deluxe, and Premium packages! Our “thing” here at Free Book Friday is giving away the autographed copy and, although we know authors can’t exactly sign their eBooks, they can now sign and send one of our brand spanking new FBF Postcards to the winners! If you’d like to promote an eBook, please sign up as you normally would and we’ll send you all the details.

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Quick Note: Free Book Friday will be taking a Summer hiatus beginning on August 5th so we are currently suspending the Waitlist, Deluxe and Premium options. If you’d like to be featured on FBF before the end of July, please sign up for a Reservation feature below. Thanks!

The FBF Team

*We are now accepting eBooks as well as physical books (paperback and hardcopy) for our Reservation, Deluxe and Premium Packages.
*Physical and eBooks are also accepted for Book Cover or Email Newsletter Ads, as well as Freebie Central features.
*We are currently accepting all Fiction genres and Non-Fiction memoirs.

Freebie Central

List your giveaway from another site on our Freebie Central page – an online directory of giveaways from across the web. You can list a giveaway taking place on your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, online bookseller – pretty much anywhere you’d like. You’ll also be featured in our weekly newsletter which goes out to our over 20,000 avid readers!

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